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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  August 10, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> they set up a date then laid in wait. three men from mountain view, california, have been arrested for a blind date robbery scheme. this is ingene us r yus. male victims were wooed by a supposed female on line. reports state that she convinced them to bring a considerable amount of cash with them because it was her desire to roll around in the money. however, when the victims arrived at the designated meeting place, of course, they were robbed. these guys are geniuses. discuss, we must. >> a lightning round. >> lightning round. >> this is a brilliant ruse to rip people off. should they not have to go to jail because it was so brilliant. >> now that it's out. it is still a viable opportunity for thiefs. this won't slow men down at all.
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they'll see online. do you want to meet me and roll in a big pile of money? the guy will say i know it's a scam, but i've got to give it a try. >> it's like playing a reverse lottery. you end up getting beaten up and mugged. >> should the victims have been more suspicious of a girl that wanted to roll around in cash? >> dude, gone. give it -- i think they should get metals. most criminals are dumb. these guys are brilliant. >> like to catch a predator. but it's to catch an idiot. again, they showed. when they showed chris hanson, i kind of thought they were going to be here. by the way, while you're here, do you have any of that sweet tea? >> it's always sweet tea or something disgusting. this gives blind dates a bad name? >> no. i mean, i hate to say this, but it does give your gender kind of
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a -- what won't you do when you're offered sex? >> that's true. >> bring piles of money? >> that's the world es thinnest book. what men wouldn't do for sex. open it up and there would be just the last panl such a novelty book. i'll decide to write that right now. andy, do you feel bad for the victims? they show up for a sack of cash, expecting to get lucky. they get lucky. it's kind of like you every weekend. i can't believe you guys are all taking the side of these bad people. these men that showed up. these were just hardworking bros. they wanted to have a little fun with a nice lady. and i think it's very sad they got taken advantage of this. i think the people who did it should be ashamed of themselves and should probably apologize and go away for a very long
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time. i feel bad for the bros. >> i will i don't know why you said that. but it does tell you, it's not just about men, but there's a lot of lonely people. you know, you have to be pretty lonely to do this, correct? >> yeah. >> and stupid. >> i would be if i ever did it. >> i'm sorry, without a y chromosome, i just can't get my mind around the whole story. >> what would make them think of it? >> it was smart. those are smart criminals. >> i would like to roll around on platinum cards. no, that one they're going to know. >> next story, he hates butts and he cannot lie. even the newfangled ones. new york city mayor michael bloomberg is now targeting e cigarettes. put e in front of everything and it's supposed to make it more cool. >> it means it's electronic. >> never mind. the administration is working to have electronic smokes lumped in with tobacco republics anticipate eventually banned.
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said one doctor and supporter of ecigs. you're basically telling a bunch of exsmokers to go back to cigarettes. also as part of proposed legislation, the legal age to buy tobacco could be age 147. is bloomberg now becoming a parody of bloomberg. how mayor bloomberg can i be? >> i'm now for the first time going to say i think anthony weiner could be a better mayor. >> well, yeah, i don't know if you know that. because he would -- i guess you would just -- i can't ban ecigarettes because everything i do is worse. the great thing about weiner is he can't judge anybody. but somehow he still does. >> tom, a lot of people use ecigarettes to help them quit smoking. doesn't this harm his quest of a
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smoke free city. >> it's not tobacco, there's no tobacco in it. people use this to get off smoking. what is like -- if someone is on methadone. you're on the heroin. >> did you just travel back to the 1940s. >> there is nicotine in there and that's why people smoke it. >> not tobacco. >> it doesn't cause cancer. >> it doesn't cause heart disease. >> it's not bad for your head. >> rick, you're worrying me. it seems like you're okay with this sort of thing. >> all i know is bloomberg is running out of time to ban things. he might want to ban sexting. somebody should been a extreme -- like high caloric
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foods at posh restaurants. >> to annoy bloomberg. they should spend the day with him to see what he does. follow them around. maybe he likes to buy a special paper. >> no more private jets. what about global warming. everybody should focus on his little pecadilos. he's on it, he's on top of it, greg. >> andy, you in the green room said that bloomberg is the hero that new york deserves. >> this is the proof that all the regulations are never actually about health because there's no health reason to ban this. this is the idea of hating an idea that someone somewhere is having a good time doing
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something they enjoy. nannies cannot stand that. it bugs the crap out of them. somebody gets away with something. stop that. >> because somebody found a creative alternative to pleasuring themselves without the toxins, he still doesn't like it. >> pleasuring is not a word. >> it's not a word? >> no. >> why can't you smoke these in airplanes? you can't. people are stopping you. why? it's not hurting anybody. >> you're right. it is craze. >> it's not just bloomberg, it's the human need to make people feel bad for having fun. >> the only reason i can understand is you're adding -- the flight attendants would then have to check every time they see a puff of vapor, they would to make sure it's not actual -- that's the only logical reason. >> you would be okay with a
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plane full of people? >> yeah, because it's vapor. >> it's harmless vapor. >> it's water vapor. >> what are you? are you a sig truther? you're an ecig truther. how do we know those are really electronic cigarettes. >> i want to follow up to andy's excellent point. and you make such a good panelist. with the reason they do this is that i've stopped having any sort of moral opinion of things that actually do involve morality. >> that's it, that's it. we are afraid to, you know, stop somebody from littering. you go after people smoking because the person smoking is more of an adult. >> i was thinking bigger things like aorganization or muslims dropping walls on homosexuals. >> that is not legal in this
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country. >> i would like to hear a little more anger about it from our liberal friends. >> it's not legal. >> but it is there. the people they were trying to help. >> i can't believe you're condoning such behavior. >> i think mayor bloomberg needs to come out with what people do in other countries. >> that is not the point. they do not have morals when we need morals. >> that's a fair point. >> you do suck as a panelist after all. >> just trying to hit this tease here. what do think about when the federal reserve may be tapering. we're not doing this story? i like a clean kitchen. >> he wants to get out of the public eye. ♪ i'm not b enough or strong enough for this. there should be some way to make it easier. [ doorbell rings ]
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test >> should his vaca cause dismay?
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on saturday, president obama headed to martha's vineyard from a week of rest from ruining our country. some critics wailed it's too upscale. one republican congressman said the trip was tone deaf. but presidents have long been criticized for their vacation spots. who can forget bill clinton going to jackson hole, a place on a pollster's advice. teddy roosevelt spending time on his yacht. and booker hayes spending time with hookers in thailand. >> i remember that. >> how hard should we impeach obama? you said you couldn't wait. >> no, i do not get the conservative fixation on being angry when obama goes on vacation.
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go on vacation more. please. the one we wanted working hard was going to be president romney. obama we want constantly golfing. >> if you had -- if every -- if that entire administration had been golfing, we wouldn't have obama care. i would rather have a great golfing president than obamacare. but that's just because i'm a jerk. should he be going to a place as fancy as martha's vineyard. should he be going somewhere else? for example, maybe to key west? it's delightful there. or, you know what, where do those wonderful vacation spots, club med, hee donnism one and two. i've been there. close clothing optional on one side. since most people who are naked are older. >> i heard the club meds are great. they do everything for you. >> it's all inclusive. you get up in the morning with a plate, you can fill it with meat, vegetables. >> is this an ad?
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>> it's out of character for -- they know it's fake. now, we know it's phony when the democrats attack republicans for taking vacations, but that's right in their wheel house because all they do is complain about rich people doing rich things. but we don't complain about rich people doing rich things so we shouldn't even pretend to try. >> that's. >> that's an amazing point. we can't lower ourselves to this kind of behavior even when it drives us crazy when they do it to us. rick? >> yes. >> thank you, again now. i now see why fox news hired you. on the spot. on the spot. >> can i just say there's an upside to this. >> what? >> the upside is all those hardworking secret service agents also get to take a vacation. >> that's nice, that's a good point. >> but then they can't have fun. if they have fun, they get in trouble. >> they don't get vacation. they have to go so they can go to the president. that's what they do. >> he's in his house, and
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they're just chilling. >> but they're not really chilling. you can't have a drink. >> way to tell our enemies that, rick. >> he is the worst correspondent -- why don't you draw the location of president obama's vacation in sand for everybody. >> here's where the secret service agents will be taking their smoke break. they'll be down there and the president will be here. >> andy, you go on extended vacations all the time. usually to your cat cave. what do you think about all this? whe >> where should he be going? detroit? the fact that he has to be president is punishment for that. people ask like the president is get age way from it all. he's got the i'm out of office auto reply and he shuts off his phone and he's just kicking back drinking a beer. . i'm willing to bet a president on vacation probably works more hours than most people work --
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>> i hope not. >> now i don't want him to go on vacation. >> some people have said he could have gone to camp david and it would have cost the tax pair a lot less. >> others have said who cares. >> some voice concern over both. >> for the martha's vineyard house. >> doesn't he stay with friends? but he stays with friends. i've got to go, by the way. we've got to take a break. more stuff when we come back. the joy of hate,, autographed copy, best book of the year says my mother. ♪
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msnbc is for grad students with anxieties. you can go there and get anything you need. the website sites a senior source in the industry that tells them the surly and burly actor will host a variety show at 10:00 p.m. this report was unconfirmed with msnbc saying we're fans of alec but we've got nothing to say with this unconfirmed report. red eye, however, has obtained
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baldwin's audition tape. >> i did ask for a bear tape and the producers got me a bear tape. this could be entertaining. >> do you remember when the bear tried to break up the marnl between him and anthony hopkins. >> it will be exciting for the first three days then it will be kind of boring. he does a good radio show. he's a smart guy, an interesting guy, he's funny, but talk show is different. a tv show is tv show is not goie suited for him, i will make us wish -- >> i disagree. >> it will make us wish that
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mcenroe was back on the show. >> i love him. remember when he served a ball and it hit a person and he did not apologize? >> i don't remember that. i think he is smart and funny, it's 1 hour, once a week. the only thing i do not like about this is i seriously wish alec baldwin would run for mayor of new york he is better than any of the other democrats and i'm terrified of what will happen when the crime policies of giuliani that bloomberg has ended by any of those democrats. he is not as crazy as they are. >> can you say anything remotely interesting that applies to the topic? >> yes, i played in a charity softball became with alec baldwin and he hit the ball and i caught it and he was out. >> you know what? no, that does not qualify. andy? >> the name will have to be called 7 second delay with alec
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baldwin. can you not let him go live. >> 7 second delay is a great name. >> why give that stuff up, we should rename red eye. >> i give stuff to the world. >> i want to point out an example, great character actor, charles grodin, i loved every show he was in. and he got a show and he turned into a bitter crank. he was so good on letterman -- >> you are right. >> and he did that tv show and he believed that that is what he was suited and he never got back. >> that's a great point. you are right. >> i'm full of great points. i'm going to a derma the ampde >> alec baldwin thinks he is better at politics than being an actor. >> you could be right, you may be right, he should be mayor. >> the fact that he is not doing it every weekly.
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>> as opposed to every hour of the day much. >> i think he should run for mayor. >> special thanks to ann coulter and yeah, he was here, he mail it in. rick lev nementhal, i shall see next time.>fa@ua÷# rw9"qqú a'pv hmph! [ female announcer ] charmin ultra soft is so soft you'll have to remind your family they can use less. ♪ charmin ultra soft is made with extra cushions that are soft and more absorbent. plus you can use four times less. hope you saved some for me. mhmm! you and the kids. we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra soft. ♪
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>> this is fox news alert, hannah anderson, the 16-year-old girl abducted by dimaggio is safe. dominick, talk to us. >> we've learned that indeed, hannah anderson is safe. her abductor james dimaggio is dead, killed in a remote camp sight in idaho, this taking place in the last


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